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Acesta este un blog in limba romana dar pentru prima mea postare voi face o exceptie. Am avut ocazia sa gasesc pe facebook un blog despre carti intitulat I am a reader ce ofera cititorilor sansa de a citi ebook-uri cu scopul de a le comenta. Astfel am citit „My own Mr. Darcy” de  Karie White.


After being dragged to the 2005 movie Pride and Prejudice by her mother, sixteen-year-old Elizabeth’s life changes when Matthew Macfadyen’s Mr. Darcy appears on the screen. Lizzie falls hard and makes a promise to herself that she will settle for nothing less than her own Mr. Darcy. This ill-advised pledge threatens to ruin any chance of finding true love. During the six intervening years, she has refused to give any interested suitors a chance. They weren’t Mr. Darcy enough. Coerced by her roommate, Elizabeth agrees to give the next interested guy ten dates before she dumps him. That guy is Chad, a kind and thoughtful science teacher and swim coach. While she’s dating Chad, her dream comes true in the form of a wealthy bookstore owner named Matt Dawson, who looks and acts like her Mr. Darcy. Of course she has to follow her dream. But as Elizabeth simultaneously dates a regular guy and the dazzling Mr. Dawson, she’s forced to re-evaluate what it was she loved about Mr. Darcy in the first place.

It’s a wonderful love story that takes place in the XXI-st Century (some of you could think that it happens in Jane’s Austen XIX-th Century) and revolves around a girl that has been in love since her childhood with her favorite character from the 2005 movie adaptation based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy. Her goal in her love life was that she could find a boy who looks and acts just like Mr. Darcy, played by Matthew Macfadyen, but her life is turned upside down when her bestfriend forces her to date a boy she met in a grocery store, a simple boy, who turns her life 180 degrees.

pride-prejudice-222773l Ellizabeth’s Mr. Darcy

3206Elizabeth’s Chad


At first I was bored with the story and the intrigue and all the chat between Lizzie (Elizabeth) Barrett not Bennett, but after she met her Mr. Darcy the story just got better. She’s torn apart when she discovers she has feelings for Chad and doesn’t know what to do – if she wants to marry Matt Dawson or to live, love and laugh with Chad. I especially loved this story because the heroine chooses the boy-next-door who is charming and funny and really handsome and not the Prince Charming she thought her entire life that it’s the chosen one. It’s a beautiful love story, with funny moments and awkward feelings and people. I love the book and loved her decision.

It’s interesting that Matt is so much alike Mr. Darcy, with his autority, half-of-smile, beauty and charm, but so much different from him. Matt is not the guy who defends his girlfriend from the world, he’s the guy who judge’s her and argue’s with her. He doesn’t like what Lizzie thinks or likes, he does not want to meet her parents or don’t lets her meet with his parents. He comes from a family with money and I believe he was a brat in childhood. I guess he doesn’t love Lizzie enough to deserve her. The worst part in Matt is that he is ashamed with Lizzie’s everyday job. I hated him in that moment!!!!

On the other hand, Chad is the boy who makes Lizzie relax, who helps her with her job and encourages her to make steps in her dream carreer, by getting her a job. He takes care of her when she’s ill and they watch together (TWICE!!!!) Pride and prejudice just to make her feel better. I love him!!!

After all, you marry the right guy for you, not the right guy from books 🙂


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